RetroRide Teardrop Trailers and Campers

RetroRide Teardrops starts with a custom built frame to fit the teardrop trailer you’re buying. It is built strong for off road use and balanced so it pulls easy on any road. A 2 3/8 axle is added along with mag wheels. Take it anyplace your car or truck will go. We prime the frame and coat it with paint. The bottom of the trailer floor is covered in plastic sheeting to keep out the road junk and weather. We install 2 leveling jacks on the back of the trailer to keep the trailer stable when parked. Also a 2 inch receiver hitch for your bike rack. We use only high quality USA plywood. Our trim wood is America Ash and is known for its beauty. We stain the wood and cover it with 3 coats of Marine Varnish. We cover the trailer in .050 mill finish aluminum, the strongest in the industry. The LED taillight and LED side marker wire is run under the trailer in a steel conduit to protect it from the weather.

The sides, bottom and top of our trailer are glued and calked and screwed. We then cover the seams with butyl tape to keep the teardrop watertight. We use only stainless steel screws both inside and out. You will get a 3 speed reversing ceiling fan for ventilation. Also 110 volt and 12 volt power ran into a power distribution box. This box will also charge the battery when you are plugged into shore power. You will get 110-volt receptacles and double 12 volt receptacle along with 4/ 12-volt lights. Floors are covered with your choice of outdoor carpet or you can upgrade to vinyl. Galley counter top is Formica and shelves can be customized to your needs. Our options are already built into the trailer price. Pull our teardrop camper trailer for only pennies a mile!